What Is Love Anyway?

Imagine what it would be like to feel love and loved all the time?
Can you recall what it felt like the last time you knew 100% with every cell of your being that you were loved? I hope so, and I hope it was recent, and that it happens again soon, if not right now.

Sadly for too many people they don’t really feel love or loved. They feel alone, sad or hurt by past experiences. And at Valentine’s Day when we are bombarded with the suggestion that we should be in a “happy couple” and that there’s something wrong if you’re not it’s especially challenging.

Well in this article I’d like to share with you ways that you can create more love, the purest, most blissful source of love. And you’ll discover why love hurts and how to stop it hurting.

Let’s start by explaining what love is

Some people try to define it by how it feels, others by the kinds of relationships that we can feel love in. For example romantic love, platonic, parental love, the love we feel for our children. And they define each type of relationship as having different kinds of love.

But what if the relationship had nothing to do with what love really is?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the love you feel is completely separate from anything going on outside of you, who you were with, or what you were doing?

In a moment I’m going to show you how this could be.

So let’s imagine that love is nothing more than a form of energy. Like electricity

And just as electricity flows through wires and cables, love travels through channels in your body. I’m going to call these channels your neurology. What’s your neurology? It’s basically your nervous system that carries information around your entire body. It goes way beyond the brain too by the way.

So love is a kind of energy. What kind of energy? I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it’s as close to pure source energy as you can get in the body.

So when you feel love, what you are feeling is the unfettered rush and flow of pure source energy within your body. And it feels GREAT! Indeed this might be the reason we have bodies – so we can feel love flowing through them.

Romantic love – would simply be the experience of source energy moving in the body as triggered by the connection to another person, who also has source energy in their body.

Platonic love – would be the feeling of source energy moving triggered by a friend.

So why does love hurt?

Well the hurt you feel is actually the resistance to love.

Just like an electrical circuit, components in the circuit can have a purpose. It makes a light bulb glow, or a motor run. This is how love motivates us to make changes in our lives and the world. And it is the single most powerful motivating force in the universe.

However when something is introduced to the circuit that resists the flow of love and creates no useful purpose we feel that as emotional pain. Just as certain elements in an electrical circuit can block the flow of electricity in such a way that it simply heats up, catches fire or blows a fuse.

When love is blocked, this is what happens in our bodies, and we feel it as emotional pain.

What blocks the flow is tension in the body. This tension is caused by the difference between what we want (inside of ourselves, and what we experience in the physical reality.

I’ll cover that in more detail in our next issue so make sure you look out for that.

For now – to increase love remember that regardless of what is happening outside of you in terms of your relationships, those circumstances don’t need to affect how much love flows within you.

And remember that all pain is simply the resistance to love. Resist less, love more.

I love you


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