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I often get asked “how is your approach different to traditional sex therapies?”
So to show how my approach is different, let’s start with how other therapies approach sexual issues.
The medical profession tend to approach it from a purely physiological stand point. Most of the clients who come to me after approaching their doctor or GP tell me that they are hugely embarrassed and unable to offer any real advice or support to pre-orgasmic women.
Then there are the traditional “sex therapists” who approach it predominantly from the perspective of the physical body. They focus on different positions and techniques. They give some mention of the emotional aspect but little in the way of any real effective way of resolving emotional problems relating to sex.
Other sex therapists give more attention to the psychological aspects of sexuality, and this is often from a “what’s going on in the brain” perspective. So it’s really about the neurological processes.
My approach is really quite different. It focuses on the following:
1. Really getting to the heart of emotional issues around sex and sexuality. Whereas many therapists will mention the shame and guilt so often associated with sex they don’t really have an effective way of releasing it.
2. I use a highly effective therapeutic technique that releases emotions. It’s not just talking about them or going into the past. It actually releases them. In fact, there is lots of evidence that simply talking about the past and reliving it actually makes it worse. So instead I focus on releasing the emotion, then understanding the problem. It’s easier to understand it once the emotion has been released.
3. I work with a lot of women who have been in sexually abusive relationships, or just abusive and assist them to resolve and remove the blocks that prevent them from experiencing pleasure and achieving orgasm.
4. I introduce the ideas behind sexual energy. This has its roots both in Tantra and Western Mystery Tradition. It has some powerful concepts such as:
• Arousal is a result of energy, not physical sensation alone, or even at all!
• Orgasm is a result of holding a high level of sexual energy.
• It explores ideas such as resistance being a powerful container for energy, and that when released we can access more energy.
• The polarities of masculine and feminine energy.
• Power and control in relationships.
• Being conscious.
• Sex and orgasm as a spiritual experience. At orgasm the ego leaves the body so that a union with the soul is possible.

If this sounds like an approach you would like to explore and would like to discuss it further, then apply for a free introductory consultation to discuss your personal situation.
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