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Discover how harnessing sexual energy can improve your business, relationships, and increase charisma and success

I want you to tap into your inner power

Harnessing the phenomenal power  of sexual energy can…

  • Treble your income (yes this has actually happened almost overnight for several people) Magnetically attract success, wealth, luck, opportunities and the right people.
  • Connect your sexuality and spirituality.
  • Liberate the very best version of yourself.
  • Develop invincible confidence no matter what is going on around you.
  • Increase your personal presence and charisma. With properly channelled sexual energy you become magnetic to others who will just want bathe in the warm glow you will radiate out. People will hang on your every word.
  • Solve relationship problems (including the ones with yourself, your body and your sexuality)
  • Connect heart and sexuality, and spirituality

Problems that harnessing your sexual energy would solve…

  • You are tired, lethargic, have lost motivation and enthusiasm, you’ve have lost your “Va Va Voom” or Mojo
  • You have lost your libido
  • You are distracted by thoughts of sex or aroused at inappropriate times
  • People seem to react to you negatively; they subtly move away or avoid you even though you have behaved appropriately
  • You cannot attract your ideal partner
  • You are over or underweight
  • You don’t finish tasks, get distracted or are very disorganised (these are signs of too much feminine energy)
  • You find change hard and like to stick to a fixed routine. Surprises throw you off course (these are signs of too much masculine energy)

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