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Sorry I’m late, I was having a wank

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Sexual Taboos 2: Masturbation

“Sorry I’m late, I was having a wank”

Let’s face it – that’s not something you’re ever likely to hear. Although masturbation is more acceptable now, it still holds a stigma and shame. Although people might openly say in a general sense that they masturbate, there are very few people who are ever specific.

EcstacyFor example – there you are having a wank and the phone rings. Do you answer it? If you answer it do you admit that you’re out of breath because “I was just having a wank” I’m guessing NOT for most people. More likely they would make up something about running for the phone, putting up shelves or some little fib or other.

If you don’t answer the phone and then call back when you’ve errr… finished, do you say why you didn’t answer – “Sorry mate, couldn’t come to the phone till I’d come”

Again this seems pretty unlikely – at least no-one’s ever said it – not even to me and I’m the Orgasm Coach. Though if they did I’d be saying “Excellent work – Commendable”

So why is masturbation still shameful? Of all sexual taboos it seems pretty harmless so what’s the big deal?

Why is masturbation still shameful?

First let’s look to religion.

Many religions discourage masturbation. The bible warns against not “casting your seed on barren ground” I’ve found no specific reference to female masturbation in the bible.

Some religions believe that a man should not waste his sperm. By which they mean a man should only ejaculate for the purposes of procreation. These religions also believe their priests (only men) should never marry or have sex, or masturbate. Even the strictest Tantra disciplines say that orgasm should not be suppressed.

There are lots of things you can do with an orgasm but suppression is not considered healthy for many reasons.

Those religions that discourage orgasms in their priests in any way, suppressing orgasm, seem to have more reports of child sex abuse and other more serious taboos. I don’t know if there is a connection between a man suppressing orgasm and him abusing children. Maybe those who abuse don’t suppress their orgasm and DO  masturbate. I don’t have any evidence other than speculation.

Let’s look at it from the perspective of energy and power.

All magic is sex magic. In many esoteric practices the raising of sexual energy through masturbation (for both men and women) is common place and fundamental to increasing power. The practice usually involves arousing sexual energy then transmuting it at the point of orgasm. This will increase a person’s health and vitality and also their power.
Ejaculation without transmuting the energy will be cause a man to lose his energy. Women also lose energy though not anywhere nearly as much as men do. Men and women who transmute their sexual energy will raise their energy – there are many other benefits but more of that later.

Now I’m not really into conspiracy theories but making masturbation at taboo would prevent the majority of people from accessing their own personal powerhouse.

So it seems possible that masturbation was made taboo to keep people’s sexual energy trapped in the body and only available in its most potent form for the few elite who were (are) in the know.

It’s also possible that it was for protection. To transmute sexual energy without first clearing oneself emotionally can trigger problems for a person. Someone who had lots of suppressed fear, for example who raised to full orgasmic energy would certainly become aware of their fears and it’s entirely possible that they might even think they were going mad. For such a person releasing their energy in a “wasted ejaculation” would be much safer.

Whatever the reason for masturbation being taboo, it’s still not socially acceptable to say – sorry I couldn’t answer the phone I was having a wank. One day it will be ok to say “I was raising and transmuting energy”

Until next time.

Sexual Taboos 1 – Promiscuity

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Sexual energy is the most potent and powerful on the planet. All magic is sex magic. Sexual energy is the energy it takes to create a whole new person. Despite sex supposedly being all about love and creation, there still are and always have been taboos around sex.

Is it possible that every taboo is actually a way of protecting and preserving our sexual energy?

j0433270So what is a taboo? Why were they created? Was it an early of propaganda, a way of controlling people? Were they for our safety? Or were they to keep us enslaved?
Many esoteric teachings warn of the dangers of abusing or wasting sexual energy. For example it would be possible to raise your sexual energy and use it to exert control over others. It is also possible for others to “steal” your energy.

Let’s take a look at some of the taboos that have and still do exist around sex starting with…

Sex with many partners – promiscuity.

Promiscuity has become less taboo and but is still not really considered to be socially responsible. STDs are usually cited as the reason for avoiding promiscuous behaviour, but multiple partners certainly affect sexual energy.

It is possible to “use” others by draining their energy. A promiscuous person could, in theory, use tantric principles to absorb the energy of each partner they have sex with, thus building their energy but draining others. a sort of sexual vampire if you like.

It is also possible, if you don’t know energy techniques for the promiscuous person to lose energy to each partner. This could create a vicious cycle where the individuals psyche craves energy which drives them to have sex, but due to ignorance they lose rather than gain energy thus creating the urge for them to have sex again.

So promiscuity could increase your energy, albeit unethically, if you know esoteric, or deplete your energy if you don’t. Either way it seems that this  taboo have had the positive intention of protection.

More on other taboos soon. All the best


Orgasms and Energy

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Women get their energy from Vaginal and Full body orgasms. These types of orgasm will massively increase your energy. You will feel more vital, healthy, and energised. Although Clitoral Orgasms will slightly deplete your energy, they are far better than no orgasms at all.Men lose energy from “normal” orgasms, but with coaching you can learn to retain your energy, lengthen your orgasms and even become a multi orgasmic man. Without pills and with training and practice you can become a wonderful lover for your partner, help her to achieve better orgasms and enjoy your own even more.

No matter how good your sex life is there is always room for improvement. Even if you have great orgasms you can learn to have more, have them more often. And, most importantly, to harness their energy.