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What Can You Do With Your Orgasm?

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

4 things you can do with your orgasm

Ahippy-girln orgasm is just for relief right? Sexual tension increases until you feel compelled to do something about it, and then you masturbate or have sex to achieve an orgasmic relief. But are there other things you can do with your orgasm and sexual energy?

We put in so much effort for that 30 seconds of bliss but have you ever wondered if there could be more to it or wished you could make it last?

What would it be like if you could maintain that state of bliss and feel energised and enlivened by it all the time?

Using some special techniques and your own personal energy, you can learn to not only enjoy longer, more intense orgasms but use the energy they create to lead a more fulfilling life too

Remember that peak moment of bliss just before you come. Imagine being able to sustain that for longer and longer. That is what you can learn to do on our workshops.

And when you do learn this, you become magnetically attractive to everyone. We are all intrinsically attracted to energy. This is what people mean when they talk about “chemistry”.

So here are some things you can do to harness your orgasmic energy.

Suppress it

I don’t recommend this in the long term, but next time you are feeling a little aroused simply delay gratification for a few hours or even days notice how other people react to you. Make sure you don’t suppress your sexual energy for too long though as it WILL eventually demand release and it might do so at a time that is not convenient or appropriate. Too much suppressed energy will always leak out somewhere.

Delay it

papayaI recommend this to all my clients. Next time you make love or masturbate, when you reach that moment just when you think you are going to come. HANDS OFF. To a few very deep breaths, and then continue. On my workshops I teach a technique to move the energy up your body so that it begins to turn into a full body orgasm. But even simply delaying your orgasm will eventually have you gagging for it so that when you eventually do come it will be excruciatingly pleasurable.

Surrender to it

Once you have delayed your orgasm several times it’s time to “treat yourself” Surrender to the pleasure and be fully conscious of every pulsing wave of bliss as it moves up your body. As you begin your orgasm contract your pelvic muscles. Your orgasm will last as longer if you hold that contraction, which is why I give my students exercises to tone these muscles ready for the full body orgasm.

Transmute it

Human ChakraThis is an advanced technique that I teach my clients once they have mastered the basics. As you begin your orgasm you start to move the sensation up your body. You spin and cycle the bliss and energy and orgasmic pleasure pulses up your body.

You will feel it in your back, your heart, your mind, your fingertips and even your hair will feel like it is coming too. As you continue to practice this full body orgasm technique you never return down to the normal post orgasm low. You stay on that orgasmic high for longer and longer.

When you begin to live orgasmically you become calmer, more balanced, more secure in yourself and as a result become more confident and charismatic. Others will wonder what it is about you, and you can choose to keep or share your secret as you live orgasmically.


Wank and Grow Rich

Friday, June 5th, 2009

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill dedicated an entire chapter to “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation”. Considered a classic wealth and success book, much of the focus and application of the philosophies and techniques quoted come from almost any chapter BUT chapter 11.

think_and_grow_rich_original_coverThere seems to be no doubt that sex sells. Advertisers and marketers use sex everywhere possible and acceptable to sell.

Prostitution is known as the oldest profession. But is it possible that on some level we are all prostitutes. Is sex our biggest asset when it comes to getting ahead?

Let’s look at what Napoleon Hill actually said and what scientific or anecdotal evidence there might be for his ideas.

Hill’s claims about Sex Transmutation

  • sexual energy is the strongest, and most potent of all human emotions
  • sexual energy can transform mediocrity into genius when it is transmuted, that is changed from one element or form of energy to another
  • men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures
  • genius is developed through the sixth sense, which is activated by stimulating one’s mind so that it vibrates on a higher plane
  • once transmuted sexual energy can stimulate the mind to vibrate on a higher plane
  • it is not simply the possession of sex energy that creates a genius, but the transmutation of it from the desire for physical satisfaction to a higher form
  • personal magnetism is entirely related to sexual energy

For our largely left brain, logical society these will be rather grand and extraordinary claims. Victorian values around sex are still prevalent and most business people would likely state that sex has no place in the workplace.

Hill would agree that sex has no place in business but what Hill was referring to was not sexual arousal and the satisfaction of base urges, Hill spoke of sexual energy or the emotion of sex.

moneyIt’s undisputable that sex is a powerful driving force. It will drive men and women to take huge risks of credibility or reputation. There must be something more to this than a simple orgasm? So what is this powerful force and how can you turn it from something destructive to something creative?

Hill suggested the thing to do was to transmute sexual arousal into a higher form of energy or vibration. But nowhere does Hill explain exactly HOW one transmutes sexual energy.  What is the mechanism or process that one uses to change raw lust or physical expression into creative genius.

Research led me to the field of esoterics and tantra. Although I studied tantra as part of my personal journey to understand the human condition, tantra offers the clearest explanation of how to transmute sexual energy to a “higher vibration”.

Used as a route to spiritual enlightenment, tantra focuses its philosophy on “the transmutation of sexual energy”. It claims that when sexual arousal (lust) is transmuted into a higher vibration form of energy that it can activate intuition, higher forms of thought and creative genius. It also offers spiritual enlightenment and communion with the spiritual realms. The promises of tantric transmutation are identical to Hill’s.

These techniques are usually shrouded in mystery and frequently only passed on to selected initiates.  It is seems likely that Hill was privy to these techniques, or at least knew OF them even if he didn’t practice them.

It’s likely that Hill didn’t reveal the specifics of the techniques in his books because, even today, they are highly controversial.

Even now a practice that involves masturbation or sex for any other purpose than the currently accepted reasons would provoke controversy. Although a deeper investigation of the techniques will reveal that they make a clear distinction between sexual “energy” and sexual arousal. One does not necessarily lead to the other.

Human ChakraTantrikas (initiates of tantra) are usually highly restrained in their sexual practises as they believe promiscuity would lead to a loss of sexual energy and thus there would be less to transmute. So tantra seems to offer the ultimate in safe sex.

But what of the other claims, of the ability to stimulate the genius mind and activate intuition, how true are these claims? As a scientist I have to first state that no research studies exist that prove or disprove these claims, all evidence is anecdotal. However, also as a scientist until something has been disproved we have to allow for the possibility that it might be true.

The claims include, increased feelings of wellbeing, improved confidence, clarity of thought, productivity, health and even weight lose. Studies on the effects of meditation show similar effects, although the effects of tantric practices appear to occur more rapidly, and to a greater extent. Sort of supercharged meditation.

It seems Napoleon Hill might just have been on to something. But something that was virtually taboo when he first published this, and remains controversial to this day. However if you are open minded and willing to experiment, it might just make a big impact on your life. I say to my students “Nothing I say is the ‘truth’ but neither is it a lie. These are nothing more than models that you can experiment with. If they work, Great, if they don’t Great, try something else.”  Enjoy experimenting, it’s what scientists do.

For the first time ever you can learn the secrets of internal alchemy outside of a religious or spiritual order. You won’t need to go through years of preparation or study, nor will you need years of martial arts training.