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Sex and money and power.

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Have you ever noticed that rich people seem to have a lot of power? They have a magnetic attraction, charisma and a powerful presence.

You might be forgiven for thinking that their power is a result of their wealth. But in fact their power comes from their ENERGY. And many times this energy is a sexual. By this I don’t mean that they are “sexy” or sexually attractive. Indeed it is often commented that rich men attract beautiful women despite their physical appearance, not because of it, and vice versa for rich women.

Increasing your Energy Will Increase your Wealth

Rather than their attraction being down to their wealth it is due to their ENERGY. The money is simply a “by product” of a powerful energy.

moneyMoney and success is attracted to energy. You have as much wealth in your life as you have energy. If you raise your energy, more money will follow. If you increase your wealth without increasing your energy, you will lose the money. Lottery winners are a good example of this. They usually end up just as poor as they were before.

This is great news, because if you want to increase your wealth, rather than focussing on get rich schemes. Focus on your energy first. Orgasm Coaching enables you to harness your sexual energy and increase your success and wealth – as a “by product”

Sexual energy that has been harnessed is the most powerful and potent source of life force energy available to us.

Living orgasmically and orgasm coaching enables you to harness this energy.
Coming soon – How trauma can deplete your energy.